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Topless photos of Octomom pay rent (not mortgage)

Nadya Suleman, the famous celebrity mom known as Octomom, is broke. Her new topless photos only earned her enough money to pay rent on a new place — not to catch up her mortgage payments and stop her celebrity home from being sold as a foreclosure.

Sadly, as a single parent struggling to take care of her children and unable to afford childcare, she has been forced to turn (once again) to making pornography and humiliating herself to pay her household bills.

Last year, the Hollywood cultural icon Octomom found herself involved in a video clip scandal where she allowed herself to be filmed whipping a grown man who was wearing a diaper and spanking him over her knee while the adult baby frolicked among her children’s toys at the family home.

At the time, Suleman was trying to pay her debts and avoid a home foreclosure.

Turing down a one million dollar offer to appear in a pornographic movie (as opposed to simply a fetish film) at that time, Octomom thought the money she was paid for the “funny” video clip wad enough to tide the mother of fourteen children through a tough financial month.


Selling sign footage to PETA, she allowed the animal rights activism organization to make fun of her sexuality in her own front yard, as well. Suleman allowed them to put up a yard sign that said something to the effect of, “Don’t let your dog or cat be an Octomom… spay and neuter your pets.”

The sign rental and naughty spoof did not bring her enough revenue to pay her bills and the home foreclosure has gone through.

Facing eviction, Octomom had two practical financial choices as a single mom with no real family or friends that could help her financially get out of debt. Either she could make an adult film for Vivid Entertainment and collect the quick cash to buy back her house or she could pose nude for a print magazine and hope for the best.

Unfortunately for her, topless photos of Nadya Suleman did not bring as much money as she thought. Posing topless for a European magazine called Closer she earned a mere $10,000 — enough money to pay rent but not her overdue mortgage payments.

On a plus note, Suleman says the money will help her to put a first, last, and security payment down on a more affordable rental home and she is even optimistic that she will have a bit left to pay a portion of her moving costs.

Nadya did tell one Huffington Post writer that posing nude in pictures to pay the bills is not her dream job. She said her reasons for taking the easy way out was this, “The reality is if I got a regular job, every dollar would go to day care…”

Talking more about how she plans to pay rent for her celebrity homes in the future, Octomom then claimed, “I want a regular job and it will be in the world of fitness and health. I know so much about this stuff. When the children are older in the next year or year and a half, I will get a job maybe as a personal trainer.”

SOURCE: Octomom claims panty pictures were to pay the rent (March 28, 2012)

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