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‘The Heck’ with Donald Trump

Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, Dr, Joe Heck, continues his support for Donald Trump despite Trump’ seriously flawed, bigoted and dangerous plans for our country. Sen. Dean Heller long ago announced that he will not support Trump.

I don’t any Republican who doesn’t support the GOP candidate for president. Why is that such a big deal? All Republicans should denounce Donald Trump. It should be easy. Trump is destroying their Party. Why on earth would anyone support a candidate who, in my opinion, is borderline, if not actually, insane.

Does Heck support Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Japan, and God only knows what other countries acquiring a nuclear bomb? Donald Trump does. Doesn’t Heck realize the potential for a nuclear holocaust if we go down the path Donald Trump is walking? Evidently not.

Does Heck want to punish any woman who has an abortion for any reason, perhaps sending them to jail? Donald Trump told Chris Matthews that he does. On Aug. 23,Trump actually called Hillary Clinton a girl and said that women are physically inferior to men and don’t have the stamina to be president. This is what Joe Heck is supporting.

Does Heck believe women should be called pigs, bitches, babes, bimbos, slobs, sluts, dogs and despicable animals? Donald Trump does. Does Heck want any legal immigrant coming into this country to pass a religious litmus test? Trump does. Does Heck believe Mexicans coming into this country illegally are all murderers, criminals, and rapists sent here by the Mexican government? Trumps said they are.

Does Heck want to round up about 11 million illegal immigrants and have them deported? Trump did, maybe he still does, maybe he doesn’t anymore. Who knows? Maybe Heck does.

Dr. Heck, do you want Russia to hack into the emails of your political opponent? Trump does. Maybe he was joking. Dr. Heck do you mock those with physical disabilities? Trump did. Maybe he was joking. Do you repeatedly ask why we can‘t use nuclear weapons if we have them? Trump does.

So, Dr. Heck, do you believe your candidate for president knows more about ISIS than our generals? He said he does. Do you believe your candidate for president knows how to stop all crime in the inner-cities of America? He said he does. Do you know why he isn’t sharing this secret plan right now? If so, tell us.

This isn‘t all you support when you back Donald Trump for president. He has backed his supporters to commit acts of violence against his opponents. He has suggested gun rights activist might have a “Second Amendment solution” should Hillary Clinton get elected. Maybe he was just telling a bad joke. It is hard to believe that Heck or anyone else still supports this candidate. Still it’s Heck and Trump. Two peas in a pod. Heck is with Trump all the way.

Catherine Cortez Masto is Heck’s Democratic opponent for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Sen. Minority Leader Harry Reid. She evidently rubbed some the wrong way by not letting them know her schedule of visits to rural Nevada. Funny, I knew when she was visiting Fallon.

Cortez Masto is far and away the best candidate for the Senate. She believes in cooperating with the opposing party to get things done. As Nevada’s attorney general she worked with Gov. Brian Sandoval to protect the lives of Nevada residents. As a Senator she will have no problem crossing the aisle to get things done.

Cortez Masto supports women’s rights, including the right to have a safe abortion. Therefore, she opposes the closing of free clinics such as Planned Parenthood, which also provides medical care, including cancer screening, which has saved many lives. Heck and Trump are on the other side of this issue.

She supports the right to bear arms. But she wants to keep terrorists and the mentally ill from buying guns. And she doesn’t want guns in schools or in nightclubs as Trump suggested.. Booze and guns don’t mix.

She thinks women should be paid equally as men for doing the same work. Heck and Trump don’t. She wants a $15 minimum wage. Heck’s candidate said Americans are overpaid.

Attorney General Cortez Masto worked closely with law enforcement and others to combat the use and distribution of methamphetamines. She worked to prevent the sex trafficking of children and adults She led the fight against foreclosure fraud, securing $1.9 billion from big banks on behalf of Nevada homeowners as part of the National Mortgage settlement.

Cortez Masto is with you. Heck’s with Trump.

Glen McAdoo, a Fallon resident, can be contacted at

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Community leaders tackle downward spiral of gun violence in Chicago – WLS

A staged funeral procession to Mount Sinai Hospital was one of several discussions that took place Tuesday to address the growing problem of gun violence in Chicago.

“I lost a brother, sister, an uncle and two cousins to gun violence right here in this neighborhood,” said Rev. Robin Hood, Illinois Anti-Foreclosure Alliance.

There is no disagreement. The current level of gun violence in the city of Chicago is unacceptable.

“Kids don’t jump rope together anymore. You don’t play hopscotch because you’re afraid you may be shot by a stray bullet,” said Principal Sherryl Moore-Ollie, William Penn Elementary School.

Principal Moore-Ollie was just one of the North Lawndale neighborhood’s many community leaders that came together to discuss how to put a stop to the downward spiral being experienced by people here. Housing, job creation, education are all elements needed to curb the violence.

“I’ve been a part of Mothers Opposed to Violence for years and we’re still fighting,” said Gloria Muldrow, a crime victim.

Elsewhere in Chicago, similar discussions were being had. Proposing a somewhat unorthodox solution, longtime violence interrupter Tio Hardiman called on the state to resume its funding of Ceasefire, and suggests employing some of the same people currently responsible for perpetrating violent crimes in the city to stop them from happening.

“You need strong individuals that know these young brothers for real that can get into their ear at different times. And you have to hang out with them at times because you have to be there,” Hardiman said.

Meanwhile, in Douglas Park, a group of several dozen people came together for a mock funeral procession in Douglas Park. Their purpose? To call on the mayor and governor to better fund violence-wracked neighborhoods.

“Giving these young men help, sending them back to school, opportunities when they get out of jail, set up a work program, so that they can get back in school. It would be a lot better,” said Clarise Evans, a certified nurse assistant.

Article source:

Lawyers in Los Angeles Revealed Foreclosure Stop Service and …

This press release was orginally distributed by SBWire

Los Angeles, CA — (SBWIRE) — 08/30/2016 — Foreclosures in Los Angeles, California are still occurring more frequently than analysts predicted.  When a borrower is looking for ways to stop foreclosure, taking legal action is usually the most effective method to stop the lender from selling the house.

Many homeowners in California are still struggling to make their mortgage payments.  After receiving a notice of trustee sale, there are two ways in which a foreclosure attorney can prevent the sale of the home. The first way to stop a foreclosure sale is through bankruptcy. Bankruptcy automatically stops the trustee sale until the court resolves the matter.  Another way to stop a foreclosure is by filing a lawsuit against the lender.  This will usually postpone the trustee sale and prevent the lender from selling, provided that the court issues an order to that effect.

There are other ways to stop foreclosure; however the legal process is the most secure way to prevent a foreclosure sale.  Another option to stop foreclosure is to apply for a modification prior to hiring a lawyer.  Under California laws, a lender is not able to move forward with foreclosure while a borrower is in the process of modifying their loan.

“Another effective way to stop the foreclosure process is requesting a short sale. ” Lauren Rode disclosed.  This is where the foreclosure attorney agrees with the lender to sell the house for less than the amount owed. Similarly, a deed in lieu can allow the borrower to walk away when the lender agrees with the borrower to forgive any outstanding balance and arrears in exchange for leaving the house in good condition.

When a homeowner receives a notice of default or notice of trustee sale, it’s best to obtain foreclosure legal advice from a foreclosure defense attorney with a strong track record.  It is really important that the homeowner hires a qualified foreclosure defense attorney with a solid track record to save the home.  A good lawyer can make the difference between a win or a loss in cases that go to court.

A foreclosure defense lawyer with experience in foreclosure proceedings will be able to identify the strengths of a case and knows how best to meet the goals of the homeowner. Adequate foreclosure legal advice helps borrowers determine whether to use the legal process not to save their home.  Hiring an experienced foreclosure attorney with a strong track record in foreclosure litigation is a homeowner’s best chance for keeping the house.

Consumer Action Law Group can be contact at 818-254-8413 or visit their website

About Consumer Action Law Group
Consumer Action Law Group is a law firm dedicated to help consumers in consumer-related matters or consumers that experienced fraud and scam. Attorneys in the team are knowledgeable and experienced in the areas of eliminating debt, mortgages fraud, auto fraud, and foreclosures. They have direct experience in consumer fraud matters and helping consumers who are facing financial crisis, foreclosure, issues with employers, and problems with auto dealers.

For Media Inquiries:
Contact Person: Lauren Rode, Esq.
Telephone: 818-254-8413

For more information on this press release visit:

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Foreclosures up slightly in Attleboro area

With red tape gone, foreclosures up

With red tape gone, foreclosures up

Foreclosures have increased in the Attleboro area.

Posted: Tuesday, August 30, 2016 2:29 pm

Updated: 9:59 pm, Tue Aug 30, 2016.

Foreclosures up slightly in Attleboro area


The Sun Chronicle


A respite in the number of real estate foreclosures across the state in July did not happen in the Attleboro area, with the number of new foreclosure petitions and completed foreclosures up slightly over July 2015.

According to the Warren Group, which tracks regional real estate trends, 29 new foreclosure petitions were filed by lenders last month in 10 Attleboro area communities, up 7.4 percent from the 27 petitions filed at the same time last year.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016 2:29 pm.

Updated: 9:59 pm.

| Tags:

Attleboro Area,


Warren Group,

Real Estate Foreclosures,

Cassidy Murphy,

The Sun Chronicle,

Attleboro Newspaper

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NAS Helps Florida Office Property Investors Avoid Foreclosure by Increasing Marketability, Engendering Sale with a …

TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – Executives at National Asset Services (NAS), one of the Country’s leading commercial real estate companies, recently assisted Florida office property Investors avoid foreclosure while realizing a financial gain that was once considered by property investors to be improbable.  The NAS management team, known for their ability to turn around financially distressed properties, acted in a key advisory role to create greater marketability for the recent sale of the Gibraltar Office Building, Palm Harbor, Florida.  The recent sale of the property closed ahead of a maturing loan date.

Logo -

Company executives advised a swift and aggressive plan of action to increase revenue while reducing operating expenses with cost effective maintenance and prudent capital expenditures.  At the time of sale, the property’s occupancy was 100%, due in large part to a tenant renewal accounting for 36% of the total tenant space.  NAS was able to add value for the Co-Owners with the renewal, contributing to an environment of competitive bidding among several potential buyers.

In addition to a higher market value, NAS executives directed negotiations resulting in below market broker commissions, contributing to a positive return on investment for the property owners.

“We were successful in creating greater market value for an office property in financial distress and facing possible foreclosure,” commented Karen E. Kennedy, President and Founder of National Asset Services.  “The resulting investment gain from the property’s sale in a competitive market created by our efforts produced the best possible outcome for our clients invested in Gibraltar.  It is one more example of our proven ability to offer solutions to clients facing loan maturity.”

The Palm Harbor, Florida property investors, assisted by NAS, are part of the commercial real estate industry’s giant wave of 10-year Commercial Mortgage Backed Security (CMBS) loans that have been maturing since 2014.  Industry sources expect the total loan volume to peak during the remainder of 2016 and 2017. 

Many tenant-in-common properties purchased by investors in the early-to-mid 2000′s, were done so with highly leveraged, interest-only, 10-year loans.  Many commercial properties, across the country, offered as tenants-in-common real estate investments, before the recession started in 2008, resulted in a financially challenged situation.  These challenges were due primarily to mismanagement or underperformance by the property’s original investment sponsor.  The challenging economic conditions have left many TIC investors at risk of losing their investment with very few options and few resources to help them work towards a positive outcome.  For more information, visit

A group of 20 TIC investors acquired the Gibraltar Office Building property in 2006. The NAS team was retained as an asset and property management consultant by the investors in Spring 2013 for the 23,684 square foot office property. 

Constructed in 2001, the Gibraltar Office Building features a beautiful, 2-story blue-colored glass entrance and an 11,000 square foot covered parking garage.  Situated on approximately 2.6 acres, the office property is located along Highway 19, the major north-south thoroughfare paralleling the Gulf Coast in Gulf Harbor, Florida, a part of the Tampa – St. Petersburg Metro Area.

About National Asset Services (NAS):

NAS is a commercial real estate asset and property management company that has worked with over 90 investment groups in properties of a nationwide portfolio valued at over $2 billion. The company manages a wide range of diverse commercial real estate:  Office, medical office, multifamily, retail, student housing, assisted living and industrial flex properties.  The company manages solely owned and multi-owner properties.  NAS offers a wide-range of management capabilities.  They include:  Real estate strategy analysis; long-range business objectives; monitoring changing market conditions; investor relations; real estate and investor accounting; loan modification and workout solutions; exit and hold strategies; leasing and marketing; tenant retention plans; research studies; site selections; feasibility studies; insurance risk management; capital improvement planning and tracking; property tax appeal services and cost segregation services.  For more information about NAS property management and asset management services visit

JW Robison

To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit:

Article source:

Appeals Court Ruling Raises Red Flags for Foreclosure Attorneys

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Article source:

Scott Reed Faces New Foreclosure Over K Lofts

Scott Reed Faces New Foreclosure Over K Lofts

by Arkansas Business Staff 
on Monday, Aug. 29, 2016 12:00 am  

Scott Reed’s 42,000-SF K Lofts project at 315 Main St., above, and the 3-building, 125,000-SF Main Street Lofts project at 510-524 Main St. have drawn lien claims for unpaid work by contractors. The historic redevelopments in downtown Little Rock also are many months behind schedule with unfinished construction remaining. (Karen E. Segrave)

Did you know the construction lender on Scott Reed’s comatose K Lofts project in downtown Little Rock recently launched a foreclosure action?

IberiaBank of Lafayette, Louisiana, sued to recover more than $1.4 million owed on an original June 2013 loan of $1.3 million to the ne’er-do-well developer.

Reed of Portland, Oregon, and Brian Corbell of Los Angeles both personally guaranteed the debt of their K Lofts LLC.

According to the bank’s complaint, the borrowers triggered a default by failing to maintain the debt-service ratio, failing to timely complete construction, ceasing construction and more.

The renovated 115-year-old building at 315 Main St. in downtown Little Rock stands mostly vacant, with apartments in a mostly complete state of limbo.

The contractor on the project, Little Rock’s AMR Construction LLC, pulled off the job after April Fools’ Day 2015. The company has a lien claim of $196,440 divided between two contracts.


More than $143,700 is owed on the original $2.1 million contract to redevelop the upper floors of the once-dilapidated five-story building into 32 apartments.

More than $52,600 is owed on an $825,300 contract to repair a partial collapse of the east wall in 2013.

You may recall that AMR filed its own foreclosure suit earlier this year to keep its lien claim in force on K Lofts. At last report, this dispute is headed toward contractually mandated arbitration.

A few weeks shy of the sixth anniversary of trumpeting his K Loft plans, Reed has yet to deliver any completed projects among several failed attempts in Little Rock.

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Article source:

Owner of Colorado Springs office building hit with $8.1 million foreclosure

Caption +

An $8.1 million foreclosure notice was recorded against a limited liability company that owns this 121,020-square-foot building at 10285 Federal Drive. Image via Google Maps.

A third building that’s part of the Quantum Corp. office complex in northern Colorado Springs has fallen into foreclosure, joining two buildings that were foreclosed on last week, El Paso County Public Trustee’s Office records show.

An $8.1 million foreclosure notice was recorded Tuesday against a limited liability company controlled by NorthStar Realty Finance Corp., a New York real estate investment trust that owns a 121,020-square-foot building at 10285 Federal Drive. The site is southeast of InterQuest and Voyager parkways, and east of Interstate 25.

A $23.9 million foreclosure notice also was recorded Aug. 24 against NorthStar in connection with two adjoining Federal Drive buildings totaling 275,000 square feet.

NorthStar representatives didn’t return telephone calls Tuesday.

Foreclosure actions of $1 million or more against office buildings, shopping centers and other commercial properties were common during the recession and in the years after.

However, they’re now few and far between in El Paso County as the local and national economies have rebounded. Last week’s initial $23.9 million foreclosure action was the largest in seven years, Public Trustee Office records show.

In NorthStar’s case, the publicly traded company reported in early August that it lost $115.6 million during the second quarter, a nearly 20 percent increase from the same period last year. Part of NorthStar’s second-quarter loss came from $16.1 million in losses related to real estate foreclosures, the company said in a news release on its financial results.

NorthStar acquired the Quantum buildings in 2006, paying a total of $54.3 million, according to El Paso County land records.

The foreclosure notices were recorded in the El Paso County Trustee’s Office by U.S. Bank. The bank is acting as trustee for the Wachovia Bank Commercial Mortgage Trust, which issued securities backing loans to NorthStar on its buildings.

Quantum Corp. a California-based maker of computer storage devices, constructed the complex in 1998 to accommodate manufacturing operations that at one time employed 1,700 people; those operations later were significantly reduced and then outsourced all together three years ago.

Quantum still has engineering, information technology, finance and human resources operations in the complex and portions are leased to other companies.


Contact Rich Laden: 636-0228

Twitter: @richladen

Facebook: Rich Laden

Article source:

Fannie Mae: Strong labor market decreases foreclosures

A new study from Fannie Mae shows that the jobs market correlates closely to the number of homes in foreclosures, according to an article by Susanna Kim for The Home Story.

Foreclosure starts decreased in July to the lowest level since May 2005, according to ATTOM Data Solutions, the new parent company of RealtyTrac.

Banks started on the public foreclosure process on 36,863 residential properties nationwide in July, a decrease of 5% from last month and 19% from last year.

While the drop in foreclosures can be tied to many different economic factors, the main reason is the jobs market, Fannie Mae Economist Orawin Velz said, according to the article.

From the article:

Velz says one of the most common reasons people fall behind on mortgage payments is unemployment.

“If you lose your job, it doesn’t take much to stop paying your mortgage,” she says.

The jobs market improved over the past several months, posting higher-than-expected gains each month.

Total non-farm payroll employment increased by 255,000 in July, far above what experts predicted, and by 287,000 in June, according to a report from Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This chart shows the correlation of the jobs market and foreclosures over time.

Click to Enlarge

(Source: Fannie Mae)

That being said, the national delinquency rate increased 5% in July, the first rise above 4.5% since February, according to a report by Black Knight Financial Services.

Other sources, such as SP Dow Jones Indices and Experian also reported an increase in mortgage delinquency in July.  

Does this mean we will see a shift in the jobs market? If these delinquencies turn into foreclosures, it might.

Article source:

Property owners turn out to plead for ‘last chance’ – Glens Falls Post

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