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Foreclosure help extended by government

TULSA – There’s still help for those foreclosed on or fearing foreclosure.

The federal government is extending its deadline to review possible mistakes by lenders.

Officials at Housing and Urban Development believe so many homeowners may be victims of lender mistakes, they have extended the deadline to apply for review until December 31st.

But figuring the “ins and outs” of foreclosure is overwhelming, so consumers are turning to a HUD-approved non-profit agency that offers free help.

Foreclosure review is available to anyone who was involved in the foreclosure process between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010.

HUD-approved housing counseling is available nationwide.

And remember, it’s free. If someone tries to charge you for help, It’s likely a scam.

We have more information on this review and who might qualify.   You can also find a list of HUD-approved housing counseling agencies


Copyright 2012 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Article source:

Oct. 29: Transactions, foreclosures, etc. – Sarasota Herald

[SUBHEAD]Commercial mortgages

[LIST-INDENT]Listed in order are the mortgagor, mortgage holder, amount mortgaged, instrument number, or book with page number and the location of the mortgaged property filed in Sarasota and Manatee counties.


Monterrey Apartments LLC and Greystone Funding Corporation, 10,480,000.00, 2012135121, Sect. 14, Tws 39 S., Rng. 19 E.

Tivoli Homes Of Sarasota Inc. and 1st Manatee Bank, 145,302.00, 2012135479, Lot 5, Cottages Of Callista Village.

Mercredi Inc. and SCI Revocable Trust, 400,000.00, 2012135615, Lot 10, 5820 Jamila River Rd., Venice.

R3W Holdings LLC and Florida Shores Bank Southwest, 340,000.00, 2012135810, Units 1,2,3,4, and 5 Of The Enterprise Commercial Condominium.

Hembree Family Limited Partnership and Iberiabank, 292,873.00, 2012135864, 1335 2nd St.

Harrington Enterprises 305 LLC and Select Automotive Management LLC, 465,534.00, 2012136117 Lot 9, Partial Of Lot 10, Edgewood Section of Venice.

Faith Life Church Of Sarasota Inc. and Bank Of Missouri, 1,900,000.00, 2012136848, 7811 Cow Camp Ln., Lakewood Ranch.

Beeshade LLC and Cadence Bank NA, 800,000.00, 2012137165, Lots 15 and 16, Block 14, South Gate Unit 5.

Ryeva Properties LLC and Insignia Bank, 90,000.00, 2012137777, Lot 2, Block 84, Gulf Gate Woods, Unit 3.

Blue Mountain Properties LLC and Metro Bank, 143,300.00, 2012138039, 272 Farham Dr., Venice.


PNC Bank and Casvak River Club LLC, 5,570,000.00, 02442 0319, Including Unit 3, Phase 1, Unit 5, Phase 2, and Unit 9, Phase 6 of River Club Park of Commerce.

Mason Martin LLC and McGough Properties LLC, 450,000.00, 02442 0001, Lot 24 Wells Bay Harbor.

J K Investments LLC and St Joseph Family Foundation Inc., 75,000.00, 02441 6705, Lot 53 Cortez Estates.

Niemer Family Trust and Branch Banking and Trust Company, 120,000.00, 02441 5257, 2232 50th St. Cir. E., Palmetto.

Bank Of America and Hargreaves Properties LLC, 125,000.00, 02441 4915, 1200 60th Ave. W.

Mupa Property LLP and Regions Bank, 365,500.00, 02441 4124, 200 3rd Ave. Unit 120.

Lagro Living Trust and LLC, 325,000.00, 02441 1974, 4485 Gulf Of Mexico Unit 201, Longboat Key.

[SUBHEAD]Deed Transactions over $200,000

[LIST-INDENT]Listed in order are the seller, buyer, amount, and the book with page number, or instrument number and location, of commercial deed transactions filed in Sarasota and Manatee Counties from October 17-23.


ABNK Properties LLC to COMM 200612 Florida SPE LLC, 4,266,000, 2012135007, 1590 S. U.S. Highway 41 Bypass, Venice.

Iberia Bank to Jalicha Enterprises LLC, 279,500, 2012135336, Unit 13 Cityscape at Courthouse Center.

Power Investments of Florida LLC to DIP Real Estate Inc., 515,000, 2012135405, Lot 10, Block B, Towles Subdivision.

Landmark Bank of Florida et al to R3W Holdings LLC, 425,000, 2012135809, Unit Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, The Enterprise Commercial Condominium.

Aurora Loan Services to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 261,000, 2012136479, Unit III-A-3, Lot 429, Venice Golf and Country Club.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Amerstate Global Investment Group LLC, 261,000, 2012136480, Unit III-A-3, Lot 429, Venice Golf and Country Club.

Red Hawk Reserve LLC to D.R. Horton Inc., 298,000, 2012136493, Lots, 7, 13 and , 15 Red Hawk Reserve, Phase II.

National Credit Union Administration Board to Tenbusch Construction Inc., 437,000, 2012138287, Lot 14, Block 1471, 30th Addition to Port Charlotte Subdivision.


CB Florida CRE Holdings LLC to Cone Graham Inc., 1,205,000.00, 02442 0420, Including Partial Sect. 5, Tws. 33, Rng. 13.

McGough Properties LLC to Mason Martin LLC, 550,000.00, 02441 7995, Lot 24, Wells Bay Harbor, Sect. A.

Gulf Coast Surgical Weight Loss Center to MUPA Property LLP, 430,000.00, 02441 4122, Units 1B-1 through 1B-66, Inclusive and 1B-73 and 1B-74, Riverwalk Professional Park.

ABNK Properties LLC to COMM 200612 Florida SPE LLC, 6,612,203.41, 02441 3892, Including Partial Sect. 30, Tws. 34, Rng. 17.

SS Parternship to Belspur Property Management LLC, 239,000.00, 02441 1367, Lot 23, Block D, Whitfield Industrial Park.

[SUBHEAD]Foreclosure Sales

[LIST-INDENT]Listed in order are the plaintiff, defendant, judgment amount, and case number for foreclosure sales, which will occur online at 9 a.m. for Sarasota County and online at 11 a.m. for Manatee County, on the dates listed below.



Bank of New York vs. Boitet, David et al, 519,798.35, 5621 Garrison Ave., North Port, 2007 CA 000045 SC.

Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP vs. Schrock, Shawn M., et al, 350,376.77, 6672 Duck Pond Ln., 2009 CA 005523 NC.

Vesta Equity LLC vs. Bella Citta LLC et al, 9,427,810.84, Sect. 32, Tws. 45, Rng. 19 2009 CA 006512 NC.

Citimortgage, Inc. vs. Whigham, Lottie M. et al, 164,458.68, 3545 Austin St., 2010 CA 009896 NC.

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Wagenersmith, Anthony J. et al, 206,556.14, 4230 Cromey Rd., North Port, 2011 CA 000216 NC.

Bank of America NA vs. Ranaldo-Butler, Jane et al, 282,558.76 1685, Joyce St., 2011 CA 004323 NC.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC vs. Mitchell, Kenneth L. et al, 84,223.61, 3288 Montclair Cir., North Port, 2011 CA 007992 NC.

Southern Cross Contracting Inc. vs. 14 South SAC LLC, 53,051.19, 14 S Blvd. Of The President 2012 CA 004188 NC.

47th St. Industrial Commercial Condominium Association Inc. vs. Branch, David et al, 5,853.42, 2117 47th St., 2012 CA 005988 NC.


U.S. Bank NA vs. Prewett, Daniel L. et al, 1,189,192.66, 6100 Jessie Harbor Dr Osprey 2007 CA 004249 NC.

BAC Home Loans Servicing vs. Mowrey, Lisa et al, 239,839.02, 5955 Midnight Pass Rd., 2009 CA 014830 NC.

Northern Trust NA vs. Griffin, Janine Y., 130,199.82, 3200 Duar Terr., North Port, 2010 CA 006989 NC.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company vs. Searle, Kristie K. et al, 359,632.36, 2230 E Village Cir., Venice, 2011 CA 005613 NC.


Bay Home Loans Servicing LP vs. Ohstrom, Debra J. et al, 213,664.07, 841 W Baffin Dr., Venice, 2008 CA 015809 SC.

Onewest Bank FSB vs. Grujin, Dragana et al, 158,019.18, 638 E Bird Bay Dr., Venice, 2009 CA 013868 NC.

U.S. Bank NA vs. Linthicum, Robert et al, 351,782.78, 113 Bella Vista Terr., Nokomis, 2009 CA 014434 NC.

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Gervais, Eric A. et al, 214,612.81, 2059 W Leewynn Dr., 2010 CA 008754 NC.

Achieva Credit Union vs. Ecklyn, Ellen et al, 94,552.93, 4641 Spahn St., 2010 CA 009582 NC.


The Bank Of New York vs. Patzer, Tamara A. et al, 854,802.60, 371 N Oxford Dr., Englewood, 2007 CA 010315 SC.

The Bank Of New York Mellon vs. Voxeh, Jeffrey S. et al, 233,799.47, 4898 Flint Dr., North Port, 2008 CA 013351 SC.

U.S. Bank NA vs. Vazquez, Jeanette et al, 278,660.15, 4465 Longford Dr., 2008 CA 018665 NC.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company vs. Ramos, Pete et al, 331,996.77, 2718 N Salford Blvd., North Port, 2009 CA 001212 NC.

U.S. Bank NA vs. Hobbs, Hartfort et al, 178,776.27, 2220 Stickney Point Rd., 2009 CA 007786 NC.

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Revis, Carol J. et al, 282,337.22, 4011 Roderigo Ave., North Port, 2010 CA 008187 NC.

Fifth Third Mortgage Company vs. Sychev, Sergey et al, 199,943.32, 2937 Marler St., North Port, 2011 CA 003838 NC.

Bank Of America NA vs. Hack, Elke, 470,178.25, 94, Harbor House Dr., Osprey, 2012 CA 001405 NC.


The Bank Of New York Mellon vs. Romano, Kelly et al, 181,583.58, 3465 Bee Ridge Rd., 2008 CA 014944 NC.

Suntrust Mortage Inc. vs. Seyffert, Peter et al, 310,374.97, 1371 44th St., 2008 CA 020691 NC.

HSBC Bank USA NA vs. Nock, Eugene A. et al, 64,869,172.00, 3101 Lena Ln., 2009 CA 005751 NC.

Bank Of America NA vs. Hutchinson, Frederick B. et al, 397,000.87, 3152 Lena Ln., 2009 CA 005759 NC.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA vs. Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. et al, 155,891.78, 4462 Brooksdale Dr. 2009 CA 017655 NC.

Wells Fargo Delaware Trust Company NA vs. Scolaro Jr., Robert et al, 189,572.33, 1031 Indian Beach Dr., 2009 CA 019111 NC.

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Miller, Michael W. et al, 193,739.62, 4244 Vicenza Dr. Venice, 2009 CA 019931 NC.

Citimortgage Inc. vs. Luper, Jacqueline S. et al, 228,542.11, 4003 Vana Dr. 2009 CA 020546 NC.

The Bank Of New York vs. Manessis, Spiridon et al, 315,596.65, 8482 Lancelot Ave., North Port, 2009 CA 021389 NC.

U.S. Bank NA vs. Grimm, Robert B. et al, 599,636.82, 105 Torcello Ct., Nokomis, 2010 CA 002772 NC.

Bank Of America NA vs. Brown, Donald S. et al, 154,228.37, 200 Riverview Ave., Englewood, 2010 CA 002896 NC.

U.S. Bank NA vs. Lilly, Kim N. et al, 135,026.12, 1135 Florida Ave., 2010 CA 004686 NC.

Citimortgage Inc. vs. Litsey, Christopher T. et al, 179,666.75 6488 Kenwood Dr., North Port, 2010 CA 005644 NC.

HSBC Bank USA NA vs. Ruh, Charles E. et al, 296,261.25 770 Hobart Rd., Venice, 2010 CA 006105 NC.

Suntrust Mortgage Inc. vs. Tuzik, Allison M. et al, 204,701.35 931 Ponderosa Rd., Venice, 2010 CA 007984 NC.

BAC Home Loans Servicing LP vs. Sylvester, Edward C. et al, 155,485.19, 1072 Putnam Dr., 2010 CA 009846 NC.

U.S. Bank NA vs. Zollo, Maria K. et al, 195,497.79, 2056 McIntosh Rd., 2010 CA 012645 NC.

Federal National Mortgage Association vs. Green, Brooke R. et al, 165,871.80, 1869 Dufferin Ave., North Port, 2011 CA 002729 NC.

Federal National Mortgage Association vs. Nguyen, Hao Q. et al, 316,227.93, 7433 Palmer Glen Cir., 2011 CA 002866 NC.

Financial Resources Federal Credit Union vs. Burkhart, William et al, 45,336.84, Lot 66, Block 66, 4th Addition To Port Charlotte, 2011 CA 003816 NC.

Fifth Third Mortgage Company vs. Lauderdale, Chance V. et al, 234,703.85, 4006 Winthrop St., 2011 CA 004097 NC.

James B. Nutter Company vs. Shearer, John E. et al, 152,370.46, 3376 7th St., 2011 CA 004122 NC.

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Heirs Of Lidke, Scott A. et al, 55,228.63, 1353 N Lockwood Ridge Rd., 2011 CA 004982 NC.

Ukrainian Selfreliance Michigan Federal Credit Union vs. Sherstobitov, Anatoliy et al,$233,486.54, 1793 Karluk St., North Port, 2011 CA 004991 NC.

MT Bank vs. Del, Ken G. et al, 126,899.26, 2744 Chidden Lake Blvd., 2011 CA 006424 NC.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA vs. Watters, Eric D. et al, 127,732.70, 111 W Marland Ct., Nokomis, 2011 CA 007976 NC.

Serenade On Palmer Ranch Condominium Association Inc. vs. Repaja, Svetozar et al, 23,446.95, 5110 Northridge Rd., 2011 CC 000603 NC.

Lake Tippecanoe Owners Association Inc. vs. Elliott, Edward, 8,595.01, 4404 Tecumseh Trl., 2012 CC 003547 NC.



Suntrust Mortgage Inc. vs. Flis, Fred T. et al, 292,897.26, 1610 Marilyn Ave., 2008 CA 005214.

Chase Home Finance LLC vs. Hilton, Ashley et al, 133,221.05, 5400 W 26th St. Unit b-2, 2008 CA 011660.

Bank Of America NA vs. Lane, Daniel et al, 208,527.38, 3804 East 9th St., 2009 CA 003060.

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Lagunovich et al, 110,821.00, 5310 26th St. W. Unit #602, 2009 CA 008244.

U.S. Bank National Trust Association vs. Peters, Karin A. et al, 158,747.23, 4850 W 51st St. # 9103, 2009 CA 010756.

Bank Of America NA vs. Hernandez, Isidro et al, 185,338.79, 7855e 36th Ave., Palmetto, 2010 CA 000825.

The Bank Of New York Mellon vs. Hoffman, Michelle M. et al, 47,406.03, 5428 11th St. Circle E Unit 59, 2010 CA 006961.

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Hall, Earl W. et al, 164,789.30, 15030 Albritton Rd., Myakka City, 2010 CA 007060.

HSBC Bank USA NA vs. Boyett, James E. et al, 202,071.44, 2417 17th Ave. W., 2010 CA 009996.

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Mathews, Michelle et al, 139,664.85, 2920 W 61st St .Unit 42, 2011 CA 000542.

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. McNally, Richard G. et al, 169,595.61, 5716 2nd St. W., 2011 CA 003171.

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Miller, Linda et al, 222,774.34, 3905 17th Ave. W., 2011 CA 003780.

BMAC Investors Trust vs. Miller, Julie A. et al, 515,902.91, 7086 Chatum Light Run, 2011 CA 004530.

Federal National Mortgage Association vs. Luchkowec, Joanne et al, 147,692.36, Unit 1107 Bldg. 1, Bay Pointe at Cortez. 2011 CA 005102.

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Sisko, John F. et al, 141,790.21, 4215 2nd Ave. E., 2011 CA 007219.

Fifth Third Morgage Company vs. Hamelryck, Scott A. et al, 167,532.59 480, 251st St. W. Unit, 2011 CA 007850.

Bank Of America NA vs. Ulanch, Christain L. et al, 307,045.99, 4811 26th Ave. W. 2011 CA 008449.

Fifth Third Morgage Company vs. Hochstedler, Rhonda et al, 152,817.01, 5816 33rd Dr. E., Palmetto, 2012 CA 000754.

Bank Of America NA vs. Nutter, James R. et al, 288,444.98, Lot 40, Block E, Kingsfield, 2012 CA 001145.

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Heirs Of Maulfair, Gary L. et al, 141,422.46, 239 Cape Harbour Lp. #102, 2012 CA 002650.

Regions Bank DBA Regions Mortgage vs. Leslie, Mitchell J. et al, 86,153.78, 2808 W. 22nd St., 2012 CA 003181.


U.S. Bank NA vs. Reynolds, Samuel J. et al, 809,126.42, Lot 11, Block 52, Ilexhurst, 2008 CA 010931.

The Bank Of New York Mellon vs. Harrawood, David D. $259,695.00, Lot 54 Ranches At Mossy Hammock, 2009 CA 000824.

HSBC Bank USA NA vs. Post, Stephanie et al, 214,304.27, 14956 Amberjack Terrace Unit 103, 2009 CA 000902.

Wachovia Mortgage FSB vs. Culver, Jon M. et al, 320,973.69, Lot 26, Fairways At Imperial Lakewoods, 2009 CA 000903.

The Bank Of New York Mellon vs. Pardue Jr., Alton R. et al, 139,525.15, Including Partial Sect. 35, Tws. 34, Rng. 17, 2009 CA 000971.

Aurora Loan Services, LLC vs. Garnica, Hector et al, 176,131.44, Including Partial Lot 14, All of Lots 15 and 16, Block F of Beau Vue Estates, 2009 CA 001146.

Bank Of America NA vs. Heirs Of Wilson, Helen D. et al, 81,082.28, Lot 14, Block B, Oakwood, 2009 CA 001462.

U.S. Bank NA vs. Dell, Wendy S. et al, 834,914.48, 1571 St. NW, 2009 CA 001590.

Onewest Bank FSB vs. Carroll, William G. et al, 269,589.00, Lot 10, Block A, Highlands, 2009 CA 003917.

Suntrust Morgage Inc. vs. Essert, Richard et al, 240,746.00, Lot 151, Oak View, 2009 CA 010714.

The Bank Of New York Mellon vs. Kaplan, Lee S. et al, 177,074.00, Bldg. 6, Unit 106, Village At Townpark, 2009 CA 012216.

Bank Of America NA vs. Wainwright, Mary et al, 139,484.00, Including Partial Lot 15, Block A, Fairview Avenue Park, 2009 CA 012832.

U.S. Bank NA vs. Dearth, Gregory et al, 260,736.00, Lot 5, Including Partial Lot 4, Block 2, Tropical Shores, 2010 CA 006017.

The Bank Of New York Mellon vs. Dileo, Gerard M. et al, 689,481.00, Lot 8, Whispering Pines, 2010 CA 007200.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA vs. Douglas, Troy et al, 173,370.00, Including Partial Lot 5, Block A. Muellers, 2010 CA 007343.

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Sims, James M. et al, 66,505.00, 7782 119th Ave. E., Parrish, 2010 CA 007892.

Bank Of America NA vs. Gape, Raymond S. et al, 155,646.00, Lot 39, Villas At Oak Bend, 2011 CA 001720.

Citibank NA vs. Poulos, John C. et al, 665,246.00, 13511 4th Ave. NE, 2011 CA 003439.

Bank Of America NA vs. Bowen, William P. et al, 184,695.00, Lot 14 Greenview, 2011 CA 006687.

Bank Of New York Mellon vs. Eigenbrode, David K. et al, 212,486.00, Unit V 52, Palm Aire, 2011 CA 007862.

Third Federal Savings And Loan Association Of Cleveland vs. Kessler, James D. et al, 111,294.00, Lots 1024, 1025, 1026, 1027, Addition To Palmetto Point, 2012 CA 000688.


Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Scruggs, Charles K. et al, 322,918.21, Lot 7, Including Partial Lot 8, Block G, Matoaka Heights, 2008 CA 007348.

2009 CA 000884.

U.S. Bank NA vs. Gaul, David L. et al, 410,844,33, 6502 Berkshire Pl. Braden River, 2009 CA 002757.

FNBN I LLC vs. Armand, Gilles et al, 216,524.49, 805 18th St E., 2009 CA 003472.

Bank Of America NA vs. Lock, Dwayne S. et al, 370,048.00, 7160 Chatum Light Run, 2009 CA 006136.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company vs. Pineros, Maria E. et al, 274,998.00, Lot 10, Block C, Townhouse of Lakeside South, 2009 CA 006923.

Chase Home Finance LLC vs. Torres Jr., Martin et al, 108,368.36, 512 W. 11th St., Palmetto, 2009 CA 008765.

Wells Fargo NA vs. Cortez Food Gas Inc. et al, 754,187.23, 2400 W. Cortez Rd., 2009 CA 011134.

Bank Of New York Mellon vs. The Estate Of Jacinta Valladares et al, 244,463.00, 120 12th St. E., Palmetto, 2009 CA 011410.

Wachovia Mortgage vs. Asfur, Sam J. et al, 590,356.00, Unit 1003, Bel Mare, 2009 CA 012238.

Citibank NA vs. Matkion Inc. et al, 296,092.00, 2407 7th Court E., Ellenton, 2009 CA 012572.

Citimortgage Inc. vs. Ahern, Sean et al, 170,721.00, Lot 3, Miller, 2009 CA 013215.

Fannie Mae vs. Abrahams, Susanne T. et al, 100,312.00, 7979 Glenbrooke Ln., Sarasota, 2009 CA 013244.

U.S. Bank NA vs. Saulo, Paul et al, 171,729.56, Lot 7, Worns Park, 2010 CA 005128.

Deutsche Bank Trust Company vs. Cubero, Egberto et al, 216,037.21, Lot 4, Block A, Meadow Lakes East, 2010 CA 006113.

Fifth Third Mortgage Company vs. Stenersen, Marie et al, 106,932.00, Unit 243, City Walk Condomininium, 2010 CA 008034.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company vs. White II, Norman E. et al, 181,275.26, 3014 39th Ave. W., 2010 CA 008446.

The Bank Of New York vs. McEnerney, James E. et al, 252,247.00, Lot 4, Block B, Glenbrooke, 2010 CA 008854.

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Bailey, Joy A. et al, 221,375.00, Lot 13, Block D, Meadow Lakes East, 2010 CA 010812.

Citimortgage Inc. vs. Celli, Guy M. et al, 162,358.00, Lot 4, Northwest Oaks, 2011 CA 000031.

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Dale, Jay et al, 164,873.00, Lots 996 and 997, Addition To Palmetto Point, 2011 CA 000779.

Wells Fargo NA vs. Talbot, Theresa M. et al, 175,536.93, Lot 16, Block D, North Oaks Estates, 2011 CA 001223.

Florida Gulf Bank vs. DSW Development Group LLC et al, 624,091.00, 11015 Gatewood Drive, Units E-2 and E-3, 2011 CA 003914.

Federal National Mortgage Association vs. Asset Preservation Trust Services Inc. et al, 148,869.00, Lot 19, Block D Of Sharp And Turner’s Addition To Palmetto, 2011 CA 005591.

Fannie Mae vs. Curtis, Matthew J. et al, 174,310.00, Including Partial Lot 331 And 333, All Of Lot 332, Rosedale Manor, 2011 CA 007108.

Bank Of America NA vs. Duncan, John A. et al, 78,406.00, Lot 21, Block A, Cortez Park, 2011 CA 007575.

U.S. Bank NA vs. Estate Of Wilcox, Paul A. et al, 664,871.00, Unit 103, Academy Resort Lodge, 2011 CA 007859.

Fifth Third Morgage Company vs. Paik, Kum H. et al, 132,403.00, Bldg. 20, Unit 6, The Palms Of Cortez, 2011 CA 007946.

Bank Of America NA vs. Reeves, Danny G. et al, 325,652.00, Lot 6, Block D, Greenfield Plantation, Planter’s Manor, 2011 CA 008255.

The Bank Of New York Mellon vs. Wiggins, Larry et al, 177,842.00, Unit 104, 7351 N. West Country Club Dr., 2011 CA 008733.

PNC Bank NA vs. Brown, Frances P. et al, 247,409.00, 7240 Spoonflower Court, 2012 CA 000349.

Cortez Plaza Condominium Association Inc. vs. Razquin, Ricardo L. et al, 4,701.00, Unit A-11, Bldg. A, Cortez Plaza Apartments, 2012 CC 003371.

Judgments over $5,000

Listed in order are the plaintiff, defendant, judgment amount, instrument number, or book with page number, and case number for judgments, other than foreclosures, filed in Sarasota and Manatee counties.


State Farm Florida Insurance Company, Stilenraile Cabinetworks Inc., 11,320.91, 2012137524, 2007 CC 005446 SC.


Yellow Book Sales and Distribution Company Inc., Dog Stars International Inc. et al, 15,023.50, 2441 3266, 2010 CC 004547

Commercial Liens over $1,000

Listed in order are plaintiff, defendant, amount owed, instrument or book and page, and the location of the lien filed in Sarasota and Manatee counties.


Baywood Colony Garden Apartments Inc., Federal National Mortgage Association, 7,241.39, 2012134896, Unit 311, Baywood Colony Apartments.

Vistas on Beneva Condominium Association, Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 14,700.04, 2012136638, Unit 506, Vistas on Beneva.

City of North Port, Professional Properties of Sarasota County, 1,964.51, 2012137430, 2525 Bobcat Village Center Rd.


Palm Lakes Condominium Association Inc., Bank of New York Mellon, 5,360.00, 024421054, Unit 72, Palm Lakes.

Stoneybrook At Heritage Harbour Community Association Inc., Federal National Mortgage Association, 7,286.43, 024414497, 8752 Monterey Bay Lp.

Imperial Lakes Estates Condominium Association Inc., Federal National Mortgage Association, 2251.02, 024411637, Unit 30, Block C-2, Imperial Lakes Estates.

Manasota Flooring Inc., Extreme Remodelers Of Sarasota LLC, 6,520.49, 024411124, Lot 56, Secret Harbor Pl.

Fictitious Names

Listed in order are the name, owner, and address of businesses with fictitious names recorded by the Florida Division of Corporations from October 14th – 20th.


A Spa Salon, Averett, Linda Lee, Ste. 150, 8830 S. Tamiami Trl., Sarasota.

Art ‘N Party, McLoughlin, Robert Shawn, 6300 S. Tamiami Trl.,Sarasota.

Bismillah Halal Meat Grocery, Bismillah Groceries, Inc., #418, 4001 Beneva Rd., Sarasota.

Cafe Americano, Jarala Americano, LLC, 1409 Main St., Sarasota.

Chapman Law Group, Ronald Chapman and Associates, P.C., Ste. 120, 40950 Woodward Ave., Bloomfield Hills, MI.

Charmed Bands, Hanna, Kristine W., 430 Canal Rd., Sarasota.

Custom Pavers, Custom Pavers of Southwest Florida Inc., 980 Bayshore Dr., Englewood.

Dat-Aboi.0, Truong, Dat Aboi, 5571 Rosehill Rd., Sarasota.

Design Works Cabinetry by West Florida Distributors, West Florida Distributors, Inc.,

4500 Carmichael Ave., Sarasota.

Fulton Ross Group, Museo Fine Art Designs, LLC, Bldg. B, 1839 Northgate Blvd., Sarasota.

GCMG Keith B. Johnson M.D. and Sheeba Mesghali M.D. Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, Gulf Coast HMA Physician Management, LLC, Ste. 202, 1370 E. Venice Ave., Sarasota.

Glide Interactive, Oxda Group, Inc., 3034 University Parkway, Sarasota.

Gold Coast Home Services, World Sales Inc., Unit #202, 901 Addington Ct., Sarasota.

Green Nature Lawncare, Reed, Matthew Allen, 690 Liberty St., Englewood.

Gulf Coast Homeschool Fine Arts, GCHFA, Inc., 3266 Charles MacDonald Dr., Sarasota.

Gulf Coast Medical Group Rheumatology, Gulf Coast HMA Physician Management, LLC, Ste. 601, 1525 Tamiami Trl., Sarasota.

John’s BBQ Grill Cleaning, John, Hughes Anthony, 1302 Overbrook Rd., Englewood.

Leanh’s Vietnamese Restaurant, Leanh Garden Inc., 2901 N. Tamiami Trl., Sarasota.

Liberty Pressure Washing, Giauque, Samuel Keith Clarence, 1505 Piedmont Rd., Venice.

Love Your Closet, Perl-Nolan, Lisa Valerie, 7386 N. Lockwood Ridge Rd., Sarasota.

Medical Laser Technologies Corporation, Moorings Development and Marketing Corporation, 473 MacEwen Dr., Osprey.

Modus Custom Residences, Modus Operandi Construction, Inc., #101, 444 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key.

Native Cut Tree and Landscape Service, Bennett, Robert, 4030 Longhorn Dr., Sarasota.

Pod Group, Power of Design Group, LLC, Unit 2322, 8389 Wingate Dr., Sarasota.

RDH Services, Harney, Robert, 5032 Willow Leaf Way, Sarasota.

Rowan World Dot Com, Rowan, Mark, PO Box 21876, Sarasota.

Sarasota Sorbet, Hart, Terrence Patrick Hart, Mary Louise, 4386 Eastwood Dr., Sarasota.

Social, Table 4 Four LLC, 1219 First St., Sarasota.

Strategic Philanthropy-Smart Fundraising, Charlie Ann Syprett Consulting, LLC, 3401 Flamingo Ave., Sarasota.

Street Rods by Nolan, Nolan, Darren, 7386 N. Lockwood Ridge Rd., Sarasota.

Surfside Pressure Cleaning, Goodman, Joshua Benjamin, 1448 Poinciana Rd., Venice.

Ten to Fit, Ten Minutes to Fitness, 4244 S. Tamiami Trl., Sarasota.

US, Ghosts, Kaiser, Gene Michael et al, Unit 2, 6630 Midnight Pass Rd., Sarasota.


A.M.I. Cupcake Factory, McCoy, Rachel D., 1208 76th St. NW, Bradenton.

AB Global Services, Blanchard, Aljan, 4923 25th St. E., Bradenton.

Annie’s Pac N Ship, Philips, Anna Marie L., 7219 US Hwy 41 N., Palmetto.

C.L.R. Global Sales Investments, Rolandi Serrano, Claudia Lorena, 2805 65th St. E., Bradenton.

Custom Concepts Painting, Maples, Ryan D., 4300 18th St W., Bradenton.

Gulf Coast Geeks, Coogan, Clarence A. IV, #307, 6530 Anchor Loop, Bradenton.

Interior Renovation Specialists, Bostic and Associates LLC, 286 Sherwood Dr., Bradenton.

Its A Wrap, Reynolds, Eric, 3905 39th Ave W, Bradenton.

Jody Rico’s Glamorama, Ricottone, Jody Leigh, 1811 10th St W., Palmetto.

Lakewood Ranch Hair Salon of Florida, Kenuko LLC, 816 Tallgrass Ln., Bradenton.

Larrys Berries, Webb Brady Group LLC., 800 Kay Rd. NE, Bradenton.

Latte Luna, Short, Debra, 316 45th St W., Bradenton.

Parrot Cove Marina, PS Bay LLC, 11510 36th Ave W., Bradenton.

Seahorse Publications, Renna, Robin M., 4272 Mackay Falls Terr., Sarasota.

Serendipity Boutique, Hatmaker, Rebekah Jo Utz, Jaime Alice, 11315 Walden Loop, Parrish.

Short Solutions, Short, Debra, 316 45th St. W., Bradenton.

Sweet Baby Infant Childcare Center, Leonard, Genel Renee, 3111 River Woods Dr., Parrish.

World Journeys, Owens, Linda B. Foxlow, David Charles, Ste. 172, 6094 14th St. W., Bradenton.



Oct. 10-16

Bank of New York Mellon et al vs. Ford, Jason et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

Bank of New York Mellon et al vs. Strayer, Melissa et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

Bank of America NA vs. Meneely, Kenneth et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

Bank of New York Mellon et al vs. Johnson, Emanuel et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

U.S. Bank NA et al vs. Polyakovics, John et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

Bank of America NA vs. Norwood, Terri Y. et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

U.S. Bank NA et al vs. Castillo, Guillermo et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

Bank of America NA vs. Patterson, Bruce et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Sulek, Janet et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

OneWest Bank FSB vs. Testa, Ricki et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

Bank of America NA vs. Lumsden, Robert L. et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

Bank of America NA vs. Lynn, Tera C. et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

C1 Bank et al vs. Smelser, John Lawrence et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

Wells Fargo Bank NA et al vs. Marcello, Patrick G. et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

BBT vs. Kambrick, Stephen M. et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. et al vs. Driscoll, Michael E. et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

Cadence Bank NA vs. NCC Investments LLC et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

EverBank vs. Cassidy, Jamie M., Mortgage Foreclosure

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA vs. Binns, Lisa, Mortgage Foreclosure

Bank of America NA vs. Thurnau, James P. et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

Bank of America NA vs. Summeralls, Michele Elizabeth, Mortgage Foreclosure

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA vs. Jackerson, Richard H. et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

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SunTrust Mortgage Inc. vs. Early, Charles E. et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

BankUnited NA vs. Stark, Andrew L., Mortgage Foreclosure

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U.S. Bank NA et al vs. Sharp, Steven J., Mortgage Foreclosure

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Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. et al vs. Breakell, Walter J. et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

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Citimortgage Inc. vs. Peters, Christopher W. et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

Sabr Mortgage Loan 2008-1 Reo Subsidiary 1 LLC vs. Seigliano, Donna N. et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. et al vs. Leitenberger, Joseph M. et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

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Cenlar FSB vs. Lasater, Yolanda C. et al, Mortgage Foreclosure

Kamps, David A. vs. Power, David T. et al, Auto Negligence

Kesgiropoulos, Savvas vs. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Co., Auto Negligence

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Gifford, Nathan vs. Suarez, Jose, Auto Negligence

Vanhorn, Rebecca A. vs. Manatee County Sheriff’s Office et al, Auto Negligence

McCarthy, Thomas L. vs. Kouns, Martha Pendergrass, Auto Negligence

Valus, Magdalena vs. McFarlane, Celinda K., Auto Negligence

Tate, Nefertiti et al vs. Highland Associates LTD, Negligence

Bollas, Donald et al vs. Hintze, Lisa Marie, Negligence

Burns, Elvis C. vs. Glasgow, Harris Loyd, Negligence

Johns, Barbara vs. Hess Corporation et al, Negligence

Kent, Bobby vs. LVDC Inc., Negligence

CNH Capital America LLC vs. Lumsden, Robert A., Contract and Indebtedness

American Express Centurion Bank vs. Benford, Kelly R., Contract and Indebtedness

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Green Tree Servicing LLC et al vs. Holeman, Vaughn C., Contract and Indebtedness

Discover Bank vs. Arnold, Ken C., Contract and Indebtedness

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Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union vs. Ralston, Tammy M. et al, Contract and Indebtedness

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Crescent Bank and Trust vs. Jenkins, Britney Monet, Contract and Indebtedness

American Express Bank FSB vs. Icely, William, Contract and Indebtedness

Enduris Extrusions Inc. vs. Onufrak, James G. et al, Contract and Indebtedness

State of Florida vs. Burns, Mary Lou, Contract and Indebtedness

Padilla, Franklin vs. Lunt, Benjamin, Libel-Slander

Lawson Group Architects Inc. vs. Bayside Community Church of Sarasota Inc., Business Transaction

Article source:

Bay Arear foreclosure victims buying homes again – Alameda Times

Click photo to enlarge
From left, R.C. and Stacy Davis, of Dublin, have their photo taken in front of their garage at the home they are renting in Dublin, Calif., on Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012. Three years ago the Davis’s lost their Concord condominium to foreclosure. According to conventional wisdom, the foreclosure should have ruined their ability to buy a home for seven years. However, they will be moving into a new home in Livermore in December, thanks to an FHA insured loan. (Doug Duran/Staff)

LIVERMORE — R.C. and Stacy Davis lost their condominium to foreclosure in 2009, a bad break that seemed destined to keep them from buying another home for many years.

Yet on Wednesday — only three years after their foreclosure — the couple signed the papers to buy a four-bedroom house in Livermore.

Their avenue to homeownership? A loan backed by the Federal Housing Administration.

“We’re as happy as can be,” Stacy Davis said.

The ability to get an FHA loan so quickly after a foreclosure could be welcome news to thousands of people who lost their homes during the housing bust. In the coming 12 months, about 22,000 Bay Area foreclosures will hit the three-year mark.

While mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac make people wait seven years after a foreclosure, the FHA will approve loans after three years, providing the buyer has established good credit and the ability to pay the mortgage.

“There’s definitely a movement of folks who have had a foreclosure to re-emerge and re-engage in the market,” said Dustin Hobbs of the California Mortgage Bankers Association. He said brokers around the state have picked up on the trend.

“It helps the housing market,” said Guy Schwartz of CMG Financial in San Ramon, which handled the Davis’ mortgage.

The FHA, which is self-supporting, provides mortgage insurance for loans with low down payments and more flexible household income requirements. The Davis loan came with

a 3.5 percent down payment plus required monthly mortgage insurance and a 3.75 percent interest rate on a 30-year loan.

“An FHA loan is a good option for those who can qualify,” said Paul Leonard, California director of the Center for Responsible Lending. And there couldn’t be a better time to try, he said.

“We are at near substantial price corrections,” he noted. That, and low interest rates present “kind of a historic opportunity if people can qualify,” he said.

But it’s not clear whether there’s a flood or a trickle of new borrowers with foreclosures in their recent past.

The FHA said it doesn’t have data on how many of the loans it insures involve people who are buying homes after a foreclosure or short sale.

Wells Fargo, the country’s largest FHA loan originator and servicer, said it doesn’t break out those loans. In the first six months of this year, Wells Fargo has made more than $73 billion in FHA-backed loans compared with $47 billion last year, spokesman Jim Hines said.

Mason McDuffie Mortgage in San Ramon is working with foreclosure victims.

“We are making loans and have made loans to people who have corrected their credit,” said Bill Godfrey of Mason McDuffie. “It’s nice to see.”

The borrowers are “people who waited three years, have a job and qualify,” Godfrey said. “They have their credit, have a job and things are looking better. They may not be perfect … but that’s part of the way to move forward. Clearly there is some thawing in that area.”

Some listing agents complain FHA loans take a lot more time and work. “It’s a hard transaction to complete,” said Bob Barrie of Keller Williams in San Jose. Barrie said he is listing a home next week in Santa Clara, and if there are multiple offers, a buyer with an FHA loan will be at a disadvantage.

The Davis’ journey from foreclosure to new home began in 2005 when they bought a condo in Concord for $262,000 at the peak of the market.

The couple’s interest-only, 100 percent-financed loan was a classic bubble product that became a formula for foreclosure during the housing crash.

To make things worse, the condo was in a rough neighborhood, said Stacy Davis, who is a special-education teacher at Mission San Jose High School in Fremont. Her husband is a senior producer for the Golden State Warriors.

They tried to sell the condo after their daughter was born, but no one wanted to buy it, Stacy Davis said. “We decided we’re going to try to stick this out. We owned it and we would make it work.”

So they remodeled, put in a new kitchen and molding.

Meanwhile, the neighborhood deteriorated. Shopping carts piled up on the sidewalk, she said. Graffiti blossomed on walls.

After their son was born, they tried a short sale and found a buyer. “Within a week, an upstairs bathroom pipe busted open and flooded the whole place — the new kitchen, the molding, all destroyed. So the buyer backed out,” she said.

Their condo in ruins, they moved to a rented house in Dublin and the bank foreclosed. Their credit rating dropped to about 500, but they were able to build it back to about 700.

“Within a year we were getting credit card applications. We didn’t feel like it affected our lives at all,” she said.

The purchase of the house in Livermore completed, the Davis family will begin moving in early next month.

Contact Pete Carey at 408-920-5419 Follow him at

Article source:

City begins foreclosure for delinquent taxes

The City of Rio Rancho has started foreclosing on 161 properties delinquent on special assessment district (SAD) taxes so it can pay the bonds that financed infrastructure in those districts.

City spokesman Peter Wells said the process started a few weeks ago, and almost all of the properties involved are empty lots.

Properties generally go on the foreclosure list when they’re two or more semi-annual payments behind, he said. If owners pay their assessments before the foreclosure judgment, the city will stop the process and let the owner keep the property.

“The number of properties delinquent on SAD payments is unprecedented,” Wells said in an email. “It is assumed that delinquent SAD payments are due to the economy. The city has held off as long as it could in terms of taking foreclosure action.”

In the past, he said, beginning the foreclosure process has induced people to pay their assessments.

Special assessment districts are one option for property owners in residential areas to get infrastructure that the developer didn’t build. The city issues bonds to finance installation of those services, and then the owners of the improved property pay assessments to the city so the city can repay the bond.

In SADs 6, 7a and 8 — those with delinquent properties — improvements consist of paving, water and wastewater infrastructure, storm drainage and utilities, including electric, gas, telephone and cable TV services. For locations of SADs 7a and 8, check the city website,, and click on the “SAD Info” link on the left side of the homepage.

As of Tuesday, SAD 6 had 118 vacant lots and three occupied lots delinquent, all in the possession of 21 owners. In SAD 7a, 12 property owners were delinquent on payments for 23 vacant lots and two occupied lots. For SAD 8, nine owners had 11 vacant lots and four occupied lots delinquent.

If owners don’t get up-to-date on their payments, Wells said, the city will foreclose and own the property. Under state statute, private owners have a year after foreclosure to redeem their property by paying the full assessment with interest, penalties and the city’s costs of foreclosure.

Foreclosure costs come from title searches, an attorney’s time and filing and recording fees, Wells said.

After the redemption period expires, he said, the city will sell the properties and use the proceeds to pay the assessment and other costs.

“The sale allows the city to continue to stay current on the associated debt payments,” Wells said. “The statute does not prescribe a specific method of sale, but the city hopes to maximize the proceeds of sale by using a live auction and/or the solicitation of sealed bids.”

People whose lots the city forecloses on and sells aren’t liable for any costs.

In November 2011, the state Department of Finance and Administration ruled that the city could set up 18-month payment plans with SAD property owners in arrears. According to city information, as of Sept. 1, of the 673 properties in SADs 6, 7a and 8, 101 had a payment plan and 161 were delinquent.

The number of property owners paying taxes and the amount of those delinquent changes constantly as people pay off their debt and catch up or fall behind on payments.

On Nov. 17, 2011, SAD 6 had 169 properties delinquent, or half of those with taxes owed. On Sept. 1 of this year, 121 properties, or 39 percent, that hadn’t paid off balances were in arrears, according to city information.

In SAD 7a, eight percent, or 25 properties, were delinquent in September, compared to 330, or 39 percent, last November.

SAD 8 had 15 delinquent properties, 24 percent of those still owing taxing, in September, while 68 properties, or 34 percent, were delinquent last November, according to the information.

Article source:

El Monte to flip foreclosed homes to create affordable housing for low-income …

EL MONTE – With the home foreclosure crisis still looming over California cities, El Monte is stepping up efforts to turn its bank-owned properties into new opportunities for low-income families, while addressing blight throughout the community.

The city has crafted a new program titled “Renew El Monte” that seeks to acquire foreclosed properties in local neighborhoods, rehabilitate them and then resell the homes to eligible first-time homebuyers.

“We have a lot of families in need, so I think for an opportunity for them to purchase a nice rehabilitated home, that’s just a tremendous benefit,” said Councilwoman Norma Macias, who spearheaded the effort. “I think there are some great properties out there that have just been neglected.”

The city allocated $469,000 in federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding to the project, which will be used to acquire the homes, city officials said. With that money, the city may be able to acquire one or two homes, turn them around and sell them at an affordable price to families. The city would use the money from the sale to move on to the next acquisition.

The CDBG program is aimed at ensuring that communities across the nation have decent affordable housing options for low-income families and at reducing blight.

El Monte is in the process of identifying a developer to administer the program.

The city would then loan the developer the federal funding needed to acquire

a foreclosed property, refurbish the home and sell it to a qualifying buyer identified by the city, according to Economic Development Director Damien Arrula.

“They would work closely with us because we have a waiting list of people who are interested in the first-time homebuyer program,” Arrula said.

To be eligible, a household would have an income that doesn’t exceed 80 percent of the Los Angeles County area median income, which is $67,450 for a family of four, according to the County.

The sale price for rehabilitated homes can’t exceed the cost of the acquisition, repairs and developer fees, according to the program’s guidelines.

The idea is that the city would recoup its money while selling the homes to families below market-rate, Arrula said.

“It’s a continual rolling program in a sense,” Arrula said.

Fair housing law stipulates that the city can’t discriminate against those who meet requirements for the programs and can’t give preferential treatment to El Monte residents, he said.

The city is requesting the selected developer use local contractors as well as volunteers from programs such as the San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps to perform the home restoration projects to cut costs.

The city has required another $500,000 grant and part of that will be used to reimburse the developer for costs involved in repairing the homes, Arrula said.

The developer can make a maximum of a $15,000 commission on the total price of the home, according to the program’s guidelines.

“At the end of the day, you need to ensure that a low-income family can live there,” Arrula said. “That’s one of the goals of the program.”

According to RealtyTrac, which collects foreclosure data, El Monte has 304 foreclosed homes and the average sales price for bank-owned properties is $284,414.

The Renew El Monte program isn’t the first attempt by the city to address blight from foreclosed properties.

In 2008, the city introduced an ordinance that forces banks to register foreclosures with the city so El Monte can monitor the state of the properties and prompt lenders to comply with regulations.

The city is enforcing the ordinance by way of a consultant. Since 2010 bank compliance has increased from 10 percent to 83 percent, according to Nef Cortez, who is administering the program.

“The point of the program from inception has been to mitigate or to stop blight to the communities due to properties in foreclosure,” he said.

Owners of foreclosed homes must maintain their properties or face administrative penalties, according to the ordinance.

Macias touted the new program as a means for El Monte to turn around homes in the community without having to spend “endless resources.”

“I know some people’s solution to make things better is just destroying and starting from scratch, but we’re no longer in the position to have the luxury to do that,” she said. “There aren’t endless resources to do that so we have to be creative and strategic and that’s what we’re doing.”


Article source:

Lockport foreclosure auction nets $455200

LOCKPORT – The city’s annual tax foreclosure auction drew the usual overflow crowd of bargain-hunters to City Hall last week, driven by the availability of houses and lots, and for some, the chance of city aid to help fix them up.

The city sold 39 properties for a total of $455,200, far exceeding the $250,687 the city wrote off in unpaid property taxes.

Although the air conditioning in the Common Council Chambers was cranked up to Ice Capades levels for the first hour, bidding got hot right away.

The highest-priced property in the auction turned out to be the second one put up for bids by auctioneer Randall Scherrer of Auctions International.

It was 107 Trowbridge St., a 1,008-square-foot ranch house on a half-acre lot with an above-ground swimming pool, which was bought for $50,000 by Alexander Hazlett of Lockport.

The second-highest priced parcel was a 4,200-square-foot, two-story house at 263 Locust St., listed as a three-unit dwelling and said to have been built in 1840.

It sold for $38,000 to Ethel Moore of Amherst, who said she already owns six or seven other rental properties in Lockport.

“I want to do something special with it,” Moore said. “I think I can make it a four [-unit dwelling].”

Boosting the numbers of units in a grand old house is the opposite of what the city wants to accomplish. Much of the blight in central Lockport has been blamed on subdividing big old houses into apartments.

The current Lockport Canal Homes project along Genesee Street, carried out by Housing Visions International, was focused on renovating or demolishing such properties into fewer units.

City Planning and Development Director R. Charles Bell told the crowd that the city is willing to make low-interest loans to buyers who wanted to live in the houses they bought at the auction, were planning to make costly renovation, or were planning to reduce the number of units.

That got the attention of Charles Garlock of Lockport, the grand-nephew of the founder of Garlock’s Restaurant.

He won a house at 225 Elmwood Ave. for $19,000.

“If I do live in it, I’ll look into [the loan program],” said Garlock, 27. “The area’s pretty good, it looks like [the house] is in good shape. It’s at the good end of the street.”

“They already talked to me about [the loans],” said Derek Vallese of Newfane, who bought 28 Waterman St., an 1875-vintage 2,500-square-foot house, for $12,000.

“It had a lot of potential. I think this is one I can move into,” Vallese said. “It needs some money, but I think I can work with it.”

Chief Building Inspector Jason Dool told the audience that four houses listed in the sale catalog as two-unit dwellings – on Phelps, Grand, Washburn and Genesee streets – actually were found to be singles when inspectors looked them over and found previous owners had altered the layout without telling the city.

Douglas and Christina Karlak, Lockport natives who moved out of the city two years ago, grabbed a 1,020-square-foot brick house at 105 Olcott St. for $33,000.

“It’s half-move-in-able,” Douglas Karlak said. “This house is probably for one of our children.”

Michael Evans, a Lockport man who wants to start his own property management company, bid on several houses and won two: 14 William St. for $11,000, and 13 Van Buren St. for $3.500.

Last year, he won a house on Monroe Street that had been ruined by the previous owner, who kept it full of dogs and cats.

“You could smell it a mile away,” said Evens, who paid $3,200 for the Monroe house. He cleaned it up, paid $2,000 for a new roof, and now is renting it for $750 a month.

“It helps out with the city, too. If I had to live next door to that, I’d be upset,” Evans said.


Article source:

Foreclosure Alternatives: You may owe taxes on forgiven or cancelled debt – Record

Q. Will I owe taxes on forgiven or canceled debt after I short sell or lose my house to foreclosure?

A. Bill Davis, attorney, answers: It all depends on your individual circumstances and facts — so there is no yes or no answer until you determine whether you qualify for an exemption from tax.

First, there is a special federal tax law that excuses taxes when you lose your personal residence and the mortgage is canceled. This law expires Dec. 31 this year. It is not clear whether Congress will extend it to 2013 or beyond. There is a California tax law passed to do the same thing for California. But you have to make sure you qualify for the tax exemptions for loss of your home to make sure it applies.

Make sure it is your residence at the time of the short sale or foreclosure (or deed in lieu of foreclosure). That is, do not move out and live someplace else as your main home if you can avoid it.

Second, make sure the loan you took out is a qualified loan or indebtedness. That it (1) was it taken out to buy, rebuild or improve your residence or (2) was a refinance loan replacing a loan taken out to buy, build or improve your home.

Third, what is the amount of the mortgage being canceled? This will not affect most people, but in high end, pricey homes it can. If your old home is no longer lived in and is empty or rented, or if your loan or the amount of the loan does not qualify, then you have to go to Step 2 to see whether you qualify for a different tax exemption — for insolvency.

Step 2 is to figure out if you are financially “insolvent” right before a foreclosure or a short sale. Under Internal Revenue Code 108(1)(b) — income from discharge of indebtedness — insolvency is another reason for not paying tax on forgiven or canceled debt. It is not too difficult to calculate if you gather financial information and fill out the IRS worksheet, at page 6, of IRS Publication 4681 (go to the IRS website Publications List or search online for IRS Pub. 4681). The insolvency worksheet is pretty straightforward. If you still think you might owe taxes and they would be more than you can pay, you can go to Step 3, which is to discuss a bankruptcy with an attorney or consultant before you lose your house to a foreclosure or short sell the house. Bankruptcy discharge of debt is another reason to excuse taxes on forgiven debt under IRC 108(1)(a). Importantly, you can still short sell your house during or after a bankruptcy with the bank’s cooperation.

Finally, even if you might owe taxes on a canceled mortgage debt, talk to a CPA or tax lawyer about how to negotiate a payment plan or settle the tax owed for a reduced amount. Remember, if you have a mortgage forgiven by foreclosure or short sale the lender is supposed to, the year after you lost your house, send the IRS and you a 1099 A or C form declaring how much debt is forgiven. Even if you do not receive that form you are supposed to file an IRS Form 982 the year after you lost your house and the mortgage was canceled. The 982 is online at the IRS website. Fill out Form 982 (normally checking the personal residence, insolvency or bankruptcy line), attach it to your taxes when filed. According to an IRS agent we talked with, you can, if you want to make sure they see it, put a cover letter on your taxes explaining it is attached and telling them why you do not owe taxes for one of the reasons above.

If you need help or are confused, don’t feel bad, this stuff can be pretty overwhelming (Pub. 4681 can be like reading a foreign language, like most IRS documents) and scary to the normal citizen in financial distress. If you need help, call an experienced or qualified professional familiar with these kinds of issues and how to qualify for the tax exemptions if you lose your home to short sale, foreclosure or otherwise.

Note: This column is solely an aid to help inform people with the most commonly asked questions and general answers on loan modifications, short sales and foreclosures. Each individual has specific circumstances and should seek advice from a professional in the field of real estate law.

Column is managed by Colleen Blount Realty Executives license #1893188. Answers are by Cory Meyer, real estate Broker, 410-0502, Bill Davis, attorney at law, 242-1275, and Pete Metz, a mortgage banker, 227-2476. Questions for the column or free seminar reservations please email or call 410-0502.

Article source:

REAL ESTATE: Ghost of foreclosure looms – Press

The Morey Mansion, an iconic Redlands home that has been called “America’s Favorite Victorian” and dredges up haunted house tales around Halloween, is contending with its own financial banshees.

The ghost of foreclosure has been nipping at its heels.

But owners Bill and Sara Taylor, who face a Nov. 13 trustee sale, said repossession of the Morey Mansion on Terracina Boulevard is not in their playbook.

“It’s not going to happen in my world,” Sara said as she offered a rare tour of the $1.7 million estate the couple bought in 2010, more than a dozen years after they spotted a sales brochure of the “Ultimate Antique” property in a Beverly Hills antique shop.


“We love this home,” Sara said, including the spirits that are said to roam its halls.

“It’s brought us a great deal of happiness and comfort, so I’m not going to go there. We’re doing everything in our power to keep her — and that’s that.”

Janet Cosgrove, the former owner and sole trustee on the property, said she is positive the Taylors will catch up on their interest-only mortgage payments. “I carried the paper on it,’’ she said.

Cosgrove bought the Morey Mansion out of foreclosure for $675,000 on Nov. 10, 1998, and spent about as much to restore it. She sold the property to the Taylors with $600,000 down and a $900,000 note. The couple has since paid a $200,000 balloon loan that came due, she said.

“I know the Taylors cherish this home,’’ she said.

“This is our dream home,” Sara acknowledged in her tour of the 4,800-square-foot mansion, situated on 1.7 acres overlooking San Timoteo Canyon.

Shipbuilder David Morey and his wife, Sarah, built the home in the 1890s for the tidy sum of $20,000.

Replete with Gothic windows, Italianate tower, an Indo-Saracenic onion dome roof and all the late Victorian-era trappings of a gingerbread house, the Morey Mansion is riddled with stories of ghostly sightings — most rooted in lore of Sarah Morey’s death in the Blue Room only a few years after it was built.

After Sarah’s death in 1901, David Morey left the home, never to return. State records say he committed suicide in a lodging house in San Diego at an early hour on June 21, 1902, by sending a bullet into the side of his head. He was 78 years old.

Some have said it was death by a broken heart.

Sara Taylor said she senses — and sometimes has seen — David Morey and the gray-haired soul of “Mr. Cheney,” the uncle of Hollywood actress Carole Lombard and second owner of the home. He is said to walk the floors.

Two child spirits live in the front hallway, Sara said, repeating how she heard a youngster whisper “Nah’na-na-Na’nah” in the still of the night.

Bill Taylor said he doesn’t put much stock in all the ghost talk, but he did recap how some overnight guests get the jitters in the Blue Room.

“Do I think it’s haunted?” he asked rhetorically, and said: “No. It creaks and groans like any old house.”

But it does have a spirit of its own, Taylor said.

People who step into the foyer often stop cold in their tracks, and take in their breath.

“It’s such a beautiful place that people get emotional when they walk through the door,” Sara explained. “I also think they sense David’s spirit. It’s his white light — the good energy you feel.”

Curtiss Allen, who owned the house from 1968 to 1980, told a reporter in 2010 the tale of the “Blue Room” being haunted is nonsense.

David Critchlow, who along with his partner Kristin Staton, was the Century 21 Lois Lauer listing agent for the Taylor sale, said a 2009 episode of “The Outsiders” likely gave the lift to this ghostly lore.

In one video, a paranormal team caught orbs, hot spots and ghostly images in footage filmed in the house.

Critchlow dismissed the findings as bunk.

“There are all sorts of spooky houses in Redlands; this isn’t one of them,” he said, noting that part of the reason old houses have these tales hooked to them is because they get run down by lack of maintenance in a tight economy. Many old homes fell into foreclosure when the air force base closed in the 1990s, he said.

“I don’t know what the financial situation is with the house,” Staton said. “But people who struggle to make their payments are a common story in any economic downturn.”

Larry Burgess, library director of A.K. Smiley Public Library, said Cosgrove brought the mansion back to its brilliance.

For Cosgrove, refurbishing the house – now on the National Register of Historic Places – was a labor of love. Wood that hadn’t been cleaned for 10 decades was restored. New plumbing, wiring and period wallpaper was installed. The foundation was fixed, driveway located and irrigation system realigned. An English garden was recreated.

The Taylors have given the home their careful adornments, as well.

All say they’ve felt absolutely comfortable there.

“I never saw a ghost,’’ Cosgrove said. But she recalled that lots of people who stayed there when she ran it as a bed-and-breakfast said they heard a pocket-watch ticking at night or the door jamb move open.

Cosgrove had three different dogs while she lived in the Morey Mansion, and all of them refused to go through the hallway where the children’s spirits live.

“One night, Sandy Bear skidded to a stop, ran into the (nearby) library and waited to meet me in the entry,’’ she said. “The next dog I had would go as far as the dining room rug, and wait for me when I went to turn off the porch light.

“I also had a neighbor who was very sensitive to people and could see auras. I once told her, ‘I’m never lonely.’ She said, ‘You can’t be. You’re house is full’”

“I think there’s a portal out there,” Sara Taylor said, and showed pictures she said she snapped from the second floor of the Morey Mansion when a fog bank rolled in. It shows hundreds upon hundreds of spots that look like snowflakes or “orbs.”

“It’s the light that attracts them to this house,” she said.

Lithographs of angels, figurines of cherubs and other spiritual sconces have been hung up in the rooms, or stationed in doorways and near windows for protection, Sara Taylor said. “It keeps the positive energy in; and the negative out.”

“There’s a feeling you get — good or bad — when you walk into a home,’’ Critchlow agreed. “I’ve turned around and walked out of some. The Morey is not one of them.”

The Taylors aren’t of the mind to turn around and walk out, either.

“I think we got it covered,” Bill Taylor said, referring to what it will take to stop the trustee sale. “We’ve got an awful lot invested in this house,’’ the tunnel machine designer said.

Cosgrove, now living in another state, said she’s not interested in moving back. She believes the Taylors love for the home will keep them there.

“The house is haunted with good things as far as I’m concerned,” she said, reflecting on the day the foundation was fixed and stabilized. “I remember visiting once in the early 1990s, thinking how gloomy it looked at the time. Once we restored it, it seems like it took on a happy spirit – as if it knew it was a treasure to America.”

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First Franklin Short Sale Agent Kris Lindahl Publishes A Report Answering …

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PR Web

Blaine, MN. (PRWEB) October 27, 2012

“If people have the option, there are 3 main reasons to opt for a short sale. The first reason is so people will avoid foreclosure, and the problems it can cause for their credit report. The second reason is so people can avoid the emotional distress that surrounds foreclosure. The third reason is to to help people pay off their mortgage, and be able to move on with their lives without the constant reminder that their house has been foreclosed,” the First Franklin short sale agent Kris Lindahl explains.

“A short sale, is a sale of a house in which the lending company is willing to accept an offer that is less than what the homeowner owes on the mortgage. The homeowner is able to walk away from the mortgage without foreclosing their home, and the lender is able to salvage some of the money on their investment,” Kris Lindahl the #1 Edina Realty short sale agent says.

“There are four main parties that are involved in the short sale that include the homeowner, the lending company, the professional short sale agent, and the potential buyer,” Kris Lindahl explains, and continues, “The homeowner and the experienced short sale agent will work together. It is up to the short sale agent to speak to the lending company about negotiating a deal in which a short sale can occur, that is why it is best to find a short sale agent that has extensive experience with the short sale process, working with a variety of different banks, and getting the short sale closed in a timely manner. In general, the homeowner and the potential buyer are left out of the deal until the final decision of the lender has been made.”

Kris Lindahl says, “Qualifying for a short sale depends on the current financial situation of the homeowner. If the homeowner can demonstrate that they are experiencing financial hardship, then they could qualify for a short sale. Many people who have been recently divorced or separated, lost a spouse, lost their job, took a pay cut, have succumb to a serious accident, illness, or have incurred a substantial amount of debt will qualify for a short sale. The homeowner will need to provide evidence such as termination letters, bank statements, medical bills and pay slips. The homeowner may also be able to qualify for a short sale even if they have not missed any mortgage payments if they have a compelling reason why their payments will stop in the future.”

Call the experienced First Franklin Short Sale Agent Kris Lindahl at the new national short sale hotline (877) 371-1733 for short sale information. Visit the new national Short Sale Calculator website to determine short sale eligibility.

Read the full story at





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Why Won’t the Foreclosure Crisis End?

For years, the
housing bust

has had a huge impact on the economy. Yet four years on from the
worst of the financial crisis and with recent evidence of a
modest but measurable upturn in home prices

, you’d think that we would already have put the biggest wave of
mortgage foreclosures behind us.

Instead, we’ve seen foreclosures rise dramatically in certain
parts of the country, with New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut
seeing particularly big jumps in foreclosures. The New York
metropolitan area led the nation with a 69% increase in filings
related to the foreclosure and repossession process, even as much
of the rest of the country saw declines. All this raises an
important question: Will the foreclosure crisis ever end?

A slow-motion train wreck

At first glance, it seems ridiculous that we’re only now seeing a
big jump in foreclosures in certain parts of the country. After
all, five of the biggest mortgage lenders in the country –
Bank of America


) ,
Wells Fargo


) , Ally Financial,
JPMorgan Chase

, and


) — have already
settled allegations of misbehavior in handling

. In other words, in some places, the foreclosure process got
done so quickly that there was time for homeowners to file
complaints, state attorneys general and regulatory agencies to
gather evidence, and for the long process of litigation to go far
enough to lead to a settlement.

But to understand how certain parts of the country could
really just be getting started with their biggest waves of
foreclosures, you need to take a look at the laws governing

. In particular, two different frameworks for repossessing a home
have a lot of differences, with one method requiring a whole lot
more time than the other.

How to foreclose on a home

In simplest terms, the foreclosure process falls into two
categories: judicial and non-judicial. Under states that
recognize non-judicial foreclosures, lenders typically give
notice of a default in various public forums, including through
newspaper publications and postings at local offices where
property  deeds are recorded. After various waiting periods
go by during which the borrower can take steps to get out of
default, the next step is to give notice of a future foreclosure
sale, sometimes also known as a trustee sale if a deed of trust
is involved. Once the sale takes place, usually by auction and
typically requiring immediate cash payment, the lender takes the
proceeds and the buyer gets a deed to the property that transfers
the title out of the name of the defaulting borrower.

Judicial foreclosures are typically a lot more complicated. As
the name suggests, judicial foreclosure requires court
intervention, with opportunities for filings, hearings, legal
notifications with ample waiting periods, and other
time-consuming requirements. Lenders have to pay legal fees for
attorney representation and show evidence of their right to
foreclose on the property in question. With borrowers having far
more opportunity to make counterarguments about the foreclosure
and to engage in delaying tactics, judicial foreclosure can take
a long, long time.

What the law says

One big reason that foreclosures are only now starting to spike
on the East Coast is that many Eastern states, including the
three mentioned above, require some form of judicial foreclosure.
By contrast, California, Nevada, and several other hard-hit
states with massive numbers of foreclosures in recent years allow
non-judicial foreclosure methods. In particular, the length of
time it takes for a typical New York foreclosure process to get
done is quickly approaching three

, whereas New Jersey is well over the two-and-a-half-year

Moreover, the spike in foreclosure activity could mean a new
wave of claims against
Genworth Financial


) ,
Radian Group


) , and other players in the mortgage insurance industry. Only
once foreclosures finally make it all the way through the system
is it possible to determine once and for all what their liability
will be.

As impatient as everyone is to make the housing bust history,
the overhang of foreclosures could still take a long time to get
sorted out. That’s bad news for the neighborhoods affected by
these proceedings, at least in the short run, but it has to
happen before the housing market can return to some semblance of

The foreclosure crisis lingers on, but Bank of America has
rebounded substantially from its worst days. To learn more about
the most-talked-about bank out there and find out whether Bank of
America is a buy, be sure to check out our latest premium report.
The report details Bank of America’s prospects, including three
reasons to buy and three reasons to sell. Just click here to get

Fool contributor Dan Caplinger owns warrants on Wells Fargo
and JPMorgan Chase.You can follow him on Twitter @DanCaplinger.
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